Welcome to eentonig (monotonous), an experimental sound project in the Afrikaans language by three South African expats who met each other coincidentally at a certain geographical point.

eentonig is the result of a bloody and violent collision of three extremely diverse musical heads. The album is experimental in the sense that there were no preconceived ideas about how the final product should sound, but that it had to represent an amalgam of the unique approaches to music and sound production of each of the three artists.

The album is freely available under a Creative Commons license. eentonig are fully aware of the future of music distribution and the effect it will have on the music industry. Additionally, the aim of the project was not to create a commercial product, but to focus on the creativity and freedom that accompanies the removal of the commercial objective.

eentonig is also heavily influenced by architectural, urban, technological and geographical phenomena and the influence these have on social and psychological conditions. Consequently, there is a strong relationship between the sound constructions and the contemporary industrial landscape. These are reflected in the eentonig coffee table book that will soon be available from these pages.

eentonig is unlikely to appeal to everyone. If you find that it does resonate with you, share it with someone.