Jean Marais is a sound jeweler who has been living in Taiwan since 2003. He has released four full-length albums and an EP as Moshang (his Chinese name). His music is featured on a number of compilation- and collaboration albums. He has won a South African award for his music to a short-film, his music has been featured on the Discovery Channel, and one of his tracks is currently being distributed internationally with the Ubuntu operating system. His last Afrikaans album was NOU (as 12Hz with Riku Lätti). He was also singer of the Afrikaans art-rock band Duusman.




Louis Minnaar is an electronic musician with an interest in the philosophical and physiological implications of sound. His minimalist approach to sound design and improvisation makes particular use of data-noise, electronic drones and other mostly undesirable blips and bleeps. He was active in Edinburgh, Scotland for the last number of years where completed a MSc in Sound Design and Digital Media. He often collaborates with visual artists on installations and videos and sometimes performs live. He currently lives in Taiwan and works on the Coded Sleep project.




André van Rensburg, guitarist, composer & improviser has given his life in the pursuit of new music, challenging both the performer and listener. His music can be described as non-verbal, non-repetitive instrumental music that questions accepted musical conventions without giving definite answers. André is a world-traveler and student of numerous musical traditions. He currently lives in New York. He has released more than a dozen albums to date; both as a solo artist and in collaboration with other musicians. He was a member of the bands Battery 9 and Die Menere, amongst others.


Photos of eentonig by Tobie Openshaw